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Inside the Global Economy

About the Producers and Advisors

Course Developers

The Educational Film Center (EFC)

ABC-TV Open Learning Australia

Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

The Teleac Foundation

JL Producciones de CINE y TV

Key Project Personnel

Dr. Nariman Behravesh
Director of Academic Telecourse Content
Senior Vice-President & Research Director

Ira Klugerman
Executive Producer
Vice President, Educational Film Center

Stephen L. Rabin
Project Director
President, Educational Film Center

Louis Barbash
Educational Film Center

Peter Baroutis
Executive Producer
ABC Australian Television Network

Lupko Gerard Ellen
Educational Content Coordinator
Teleac, The Netherlands

Francisco Ginesta
International television reporter/producer

Roger Samsioe
Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

The International Economics Content Team

Thomas O. Bayard
Deputy Director & Research Fellow
Institute for International Economics

Magnus Blomstrom
Professor of Economics
Stockholm School of Economics
and Research Associate, U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research

Jolanda E. Heemskerk
Lecturer in International Economics and Finance
University of Amsterdam

Lawrence R. Klein
1980 Nobel Laureate and
Benjamin Franklin Professor of Economics & Finance
University of Pennsylvania

Rachel McCullough
Professor of Economics
Brandeis University

Richard H. Snape
Economics Department Chair
Monash University, Australia

Gerver Torres
Alternate Executive Director,
International Monetary Fund and
President, Venezuelan Investment Fund

Frederick can der Ploeg
Professor of Political Economy
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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