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1. Citizenship: Making Government Work, Web-Based Resources
Topic Overview Using the Video Readings Critical Thinking Activity Web-Based Resources





Web-based Resources Unit 1

http://www.immigration.gov—The Web site of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services provides information on laws, regulations, and interpretations controlling immigration and the work of the immigration-related bureaus of the Department of Homeland Security. You can learn how immigration laws are made and developed and explore agency and judicial interpretations of those laws. You can also find handbooks and guides used by immigration officers in performing their mission as well as guides created to help applicants through the immigration process.

http://www.usdoj.govThe U.S. Department of Justice Web site provides a wide range of reports, updates, and learning resources involving the maintenance of law and order. New Web site components include materials on fighting terrorism, balancing security and civil liberties, and a kid’s page containing learning exercises.

http://www.census.govThe Census Bureau Web site includes a wealth of information about Americans’ attitudes and demographics. The site also includes links for teachers to learning materials for classroom use.

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