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11. Public Opinion: Voice of the People, Web-based Resources
Topic Overview Using the Video Readings Critical Thinking Activity Web-Based Resources




Web-based Resources Unit 11

http://www.umich.edu/~nes-The National Election Study, conducted by the University of Michigan, offers polls past and present for analysis, data sets for analyzing poll results, and sets of poll questions that can be used to create your own polls.

http://www.gallup.com-The Gallup Organization offers an online program for students and special polling features organized by contemporary issue areas.

http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu-The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research offers archival data on past polls and poll results, reports on contemporary public opinion, and a "Public Opinion Matters" link to data and reports organized in broad issue areas.

http://www.people-press.org-The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press provides study features on contemporary topics of domestic and international interest. The site also offers quick links to other recent poll results compiled by dozens of polling organizations.

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