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Physical Science: Session 7

Paula Proctor; Worcester, MA

Paula Proctor

“I want there to be a dialogue of science in this school. From my point of view as a facilitator that means that I am constantly looking for new ways to interact with teachers and students about science”

School at a Glance:
Roosevelt School
Worcester, MA

  • Grades: PreK-6
  • Enrollment: 661
  • Students per Teacher: 15
  • Ethnicity:
    59% White
    28% Hispanic
    5% Asian
    9% African American
    1% American Indian
  • Percentage of students receiving free or reduced-price lunch: 45% versus a state average of 28%

The Roosevelt School describes itself as “an environmentally-based health science academy.” Located about 40 miles from Boston, Worcester, Massachusetts, has the second largest elementary educational system in the state.

Paula Proctor worked in the medical profession before getting her B.S. and becoming a teacher. She has been teaching in Worcester for the past 15 years and was the science facilitator at Roosevelt from the time the school opened in 2000 until recently when she was promoted to Assistant Principal. Paula is making an impact and proudly states, “I am happy to say I believe Worcester is in the forefront of making hands-on inquiry science available to all of our children.”

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