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Learning Math Home
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Session One: Algebraic Thinking
Eric the Sheep
Qualitative Graphs

Session Two: Patterns in Context
What Do You See?
Toothpick Triangles
Counting Stairs

Session Three: Functions and Algorithms
Doing and Undoing
Function Machines
Algebra and Medicine

Session Four: Proportional Reasoning
The Mixture Blues
Proportional Scaling

Session Five: Linear Functions and Slopes
Achilles and the Tortoise
Slope and House Construction

Session Six: Solving Equations
Balance and Pianos

Session Seven: Nonlinear Functions
The Salary Problem
Predicting Whale Population
Figurate Numbers
Population Growth

Session Eight: More Nonlinear Functions
Cyclic Functions
Inverse Proportions
How Many Functions?

Session Nine: Algebraic Structure
Units Digit Arithmetic

Session Ten: Classroom Case Studies
Gina Maria Webber: 1st Grade, Annie E. Fales Elementary School
Liza Jones: 3rd Grade, Shady Hill School
Lolita Mattos: Middle School Mathematics, Friends Academy


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