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Learning Math Home
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Session 1, Part C:
Qualitative Graphs

In This Part: Introduction to Qualitative Graphs | The Bus Stop Queue | Going to School
Descriptive Graphs | Filling Bottles

Problem C3


Jane, Graham, Susan, Paul, and Peter all travel to school along the same country road every morning. Peter goes in his dad's car, Jane cycles, and Susan walks. The other two children vary how they travel from day to day. The map below shows where each person lives. Note 8

School 1

The following graph describes each pupil's journey to school last Monday.

School graph


Label each point on the graph with the name of the person it represents.


How did Paul and Graham travel to school on Monday?


Describe how you arrived at your answer to (b).


In the graph, the points which correspond to Jane, Paul, and Graham lie on a line. What does this suggest about their modes of transportation? Note 9

Stop!  Do the above problem before you proceed.  Use the tip text to help you solve the problem if you get stuck.
Ask yourself which students correspond to particular values on each axis for time and distance.   Close Tip


Problem C4


Peter's father is able to drive at 30 mph on the straight section of the road, but he has to slow down for the corners. Sketch a graph on the axes below to show how the car's speed varies along the route.

Problems in Part C are taken from The Language of Functions and Graphs, by Malcolm Swan and the Shell Centre Team (Nottingham, U.K.: Shell Centre Publications, 1999).

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