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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Solutions for Session 1, Homework

See solutions for Problems: H2 | H3

Problem H2


It also says aircraft B is newer than aircraft A.


Are the following statements true or false?


1. True. The older aircraft (A) is cheaper


2. False. The faster aircraft (B) is not smaller.


3. False. The larger aircraft (B) is not older.


4. True. The cheaper aircraft (A) carries fewer passengers.


Copy the graphs below. On each graph, mark and label two points to represent A and B.

In the first graph, A is in the upper left (high age, low cruising speed), and B is in the lower right (low age, high cruising speed).

In the second graph, A is in the lower right (small size, higher range), and B is in the upper left (big size, slightly smaller range).

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Problem H3

It is possible to draw two different bottles that have the same height-volume graph. A hint: Think about the shapes of bottles you might find in a glass-blowing store, and how you might hold the same amount of liquid in a differently-shaped bottle. Or look up Cavalieri's Principle online!

A discussion of why a bottle with straight sloping sides does not give a straight line graph is presented in the Homework Review in Session 2. See Note 1.

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