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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Solutions for Session 10, Grades 3-5, Part A

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Problem A1

Reflection on the three questions should include the ideas described below.


The fundamental algebraic idea (content) in this video is the notion of function and inverse function as doing and undoing.


The teacher expects students to write a function rule to represent a relationship shown in a table of values and then find a rule for the inverse function.


Students demonstrate their knowledge of the intended content by writing function rules and by describing inverse functions as reversing a recipe by reversing steps and using "opposite" operations.

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Problem A2

Ms. Jones asks students to think of a function as a recipe for "doing," which then leads to inverse functions as "undoing" the same recipe.

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Problem A3

The students describe undoing as reversing the steps and using opposite operations.

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Problem A4

Ms. Jones could have used recursive thinking with the function machine that doubles and adds one. This function could be described recursively by saying, "The Out number for In = 1 is 3. The Out number for any other In is the previous Out + 2."

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