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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Notes for Session 10, Grades 6-8, Part A

Note 2

Before examining specific problems at your grade level with an eye toward algebraic thinking, we'll watch another teacher -- one who has also taken the course -- teaching in her classroom. The purpose is not to be critical of the teacher's methods or teaching style. Instead, look closely at how the teacher brings out algebraic ideas in teaching the topic at hand, as well as how the teacher extends the lesson and asks questions that elicit algebraic thinking.

Review the meaning of algebraic ideas (the content of algebra) and mathematical thinking tools (the processes used in analyzing problems). Keep in mind questions (a), (b), and (c) as you watch the video.

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Note 3

Groups: Work in small groups on Problems A1-A4. Share answers to Problem A3 especially, since backtracking is not a common method of solving equations.

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