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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Session 10 Session 10 Grades K-2 Part A Part B Part C Part D Homework
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Notes for Session 10, Grades K-2

Note 1: This session focuses on developing algebraic thinking in the K-2 classroom. We'll consider the mathematics content of the previous sessions and the relation of that content to the mathematics you teach in your own classrooms. We'll explore how algebraic thinking develops at your grade level by analyzing mathematical tasks appropriate for the K-2 classroom. We'll also look at lessons from existing curriculum materials and critique them in relation to how students are asked to demonstrate their thinking and to how the mathematics reveals algebraic thinking.

Part A Notes:

Classroom Video

Part B Notes:

An Example for Developing Algebraic Thinking

Part C Notes:

More Problems That Illustrate Algebraic Thinking

Part D Notes:

Critiquing Student Lessons

Begin the session by reviewing the mathematics content in the previous nine sessions: patterns, functions, linearity, proportional reasoning, nonlinear functions, and algebraic structure. You may want to think about one big idea in each of these topics.

Homework Review
Groups: Discuss any questions about the homework.

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