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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Session 10 Session 10 Grades K-2 Part A Part B Part C Part D Homework
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Solutions for Session 10, Part D

See solutions for Problems: D1 | D2 | D3 | D4 | D5

Problem D1

Answers will vary.

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Problem D2

Answers will vary. The patterns shown only relate to the answers. For the first row, the answers increase by 10, but the problems themselves are not directly related. The second row's answers are consecutive multiples of 11, but the problems are not related. The third row's answers decrease by one with unrelated problems, and the fourth row's answers decrease by five with unrelated problems.

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Problem D3

Answers will vary. Students should strengthen their subtraction with regrouping skills.

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Problem D4

Answers will vary. Students could learn to look for patterns in answers without actually looking at the problems. The answers may not have any pattern.

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Problem D5

Answers will vary. One way to modify the problem would be to make the problems relate to the pattern of the answers. For example, the first row could show 63 - 55, 63 - 45, 63 - 35, 63 - 25, 63 - 15, then ask what comes next.

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