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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
Session 10 Session 10 Grades 3-5 Part A Part B Part C Part D Part E Homework
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Session 10 Materials:

Session 10, Grades 6-8, Part A:
Classroom Video (30 minutes)

To begin the exploration of what algebraic thinking looks like in a classroom at your grade level, watch a video segment of a teacher who has taken the "Patterns, Functions, and Algebra" course and has adapted the mathematics to her own teaching situation. When viewing the video, keep the following three questions in mind:
Note 2


What fundamental algebraic ideas (content) is the teacher trying to teach? Think back to the big ideas of the previous sessions: patterns, functions, linearity, proportional reasoning, nonlinear functions, and algebraic structure.


What mathematical thinking tools (process) does the teacher expect students to demonstrate? Think back to the processes you identified in the first session: problem solving skills, representation skills, and reasoning skills.


How do students demonstrate their knowledge of the intended content? What does the teacher do to elicit student thinking?

video thumbnail

Video Segment
In this video segment, Lolita Mattos introduces her students to the process of backtracking. She begins by giving her students an algorithm. She then asks them to undo the algorithm by reversing operations.

You can find this segment on the session video, approximately 46 minutes and 3 seconds after the Annenberg Media logo.



Problem A1


Reflect on questions (a), (b), and (c) above. Note 3


Problem A2


How does Ms. Mattos incorporate the concept of doing and undoing into the solving of equations?


Problem A3


How do students think about operations as a result of backtracking?


Problem A4


How do students think about solving equations when using backtracking?

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