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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Notes for Session 2, Part A

Note 2

The content of this session centers on patterns. Go over the processes of finding, describing, explaining, and predicting with patterns. These skills help us to understand and make sense of situations, something to remember while working on problems throughout the session.

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Note 3

Groups: Work in pairs on Problems A1-A4. When you're finished, share your answers to Problem A1, coming up with as many different ways of describing the patterns as possible. At this point, we're not necessarily interested in descriptions given in symbolic form. Descriptions such as "each output is 4 more than the previous" are valid because there are many ways to describe patterns, each with its own merit. At some point we will want to make a case for using a variable as a way of being concise, but that will come later.

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Note 4

Read Problem A5.

Groups: Talk about each part of the question as a full group. Some people may be troubled by parts (c), (f), and (g), rejecting these scenarios as being far-fetched. An important point we are making in this session, though, is that many different rules can describe a table of data. When the data is attached to a context or situation, we can be more certain of an associated unique rule. Therefore it is important to see parts (c), (f), and (g) as possible descriptions.

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