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Counting Raisins

Count the number of raisins in seventeen half-ounce boxes of raisins. Then come up with a solution to determine how many raisins are in Brand X's or Brand Y's box of raisins.

Counting Stairs

Build staircases out of square blocks. Look for patterns and come up with a rule or formula to predict the number of blocks in any staircase.

Creating a Line Plot

Watch as a physical stack of coins is added as a series of dots to a line plot.

Cuisenaire Rods

Look at patterns of solids made with Cuisenaire rods. Make a table of the surface area and volume for each term of this sequence and view graphs of your data. Find the rule for the nth term.

Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres

Is there a relationship between the volume of a sphere and the volume of a cylinder of equal diameter and height? What about the volume of the sphere and the cone?

Dagestan Timeline

A timeline using historical maps shows the confluence of Islam and Russian rule in the area known as Dagestan. Follow the development of Islamic political entities in the area of present-day Dagestan.

Dealing with Data

Using three sets of data from a second grade class, think of an aspect of the data you would like to focus on and then choose the type of graph (line plot, stem and leaf plot or histogram) that best represents that aspect.

Demographics Lab

Use real demographic data and a simulator to understand the factors that control human population growth, recognize the demographic transition in human history, and gain a sense of how population demographics has a very human impact in all areas of our planet.

Design a Roller Coaster

Try your hand at designing a roller coaster using physics concepts that are used to create real coasters. When you're done, your coaster will need to pass an inspection for both safety and fun.

Designing Cancer Drugs: Development of Gleevec

Follow the steps in the development of a cancer drug — from initial research on the targeted disease to the drug’s use in humans. Learn how drug design targets a disease by exploiting the structure of a protein that causes that disease. View non-Flash version.

Determining Rotation Symmetry

Explore properties of rotation symmetry. Determine the angle of rotation for different images.

Difference Trains

Build your own difference train with one, two or three difference between blocks. Think about your reasoning as you work.

Discover Euler's Theorem

Euler's Theorem states that there is a relationship among faces (F), vertices (V), and edges (E) for every polyhedron. Discover this formula yourself by completing this activity.

Discovering Neutrino Oscillation

Discover neutrino oscillation and try to match real experiments with this simulator. Do electrons oscillate? What happens to the rate of neutrino detection as you move closer and farther from the source?

Disease Lab

This simulator will let you explore various diseases: Kold, a caricature of the common cold; Impfluenza, which resembles an influenza outbreak; and Red Death, a fast-spreading epidemic with a high mortality rate. What factors influence the spread of these diseases, and what can we do to counter them?

The Distance Formula

Plot points on a graph. Use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the distance between them.

Divergent Boundaries - Spreading Plates

What happens as boundaries diverge? Watch a continental rift, volcanoes and lakes form as two continental plates move apart.

Division with Manipulatives

Area models offer a visual representation of mathematical operations. Use these models to perform multi-digit division.


Learn about genetics, genetic engineering, the Human Genome Project and the ethical implications of these new technologies.

DNA Assessment: Test Your Skills

Test your knowledge of DNA, RNA, genes, genomes, transcription and genetic engineering. Take this 40-question test, review your answers, and print out your assessment.

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