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The Producer


The Concept

George Bottendorf's idea for this film grew out of childhood memories of his father, who often told him stories about his experiences in the Second World War. His father wanted Bottendorf to appreciate the dedication of and sacrifices made by World War II soldiers, but he also wanted him to be realistic about the harshness and horrors of war. Now, many years later, Bottendorf wants to bring his father's stories to life on film.

The Budget

Bottendorf has a total budget of $40 million available to him to produce the movie. While that may seem like a grand sum, it must cover the costs of the screenplay, director, actors, location, and special effects, plus a variety of other expenses, small and large, associated with making a film.

When you begin, your budget will include several baseline costs for things like production and supporting cast salaries. As you move through the creation of the film, other costs will be added into your budget depending on the decisions you make. Track the budget carefully as you proceed.



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