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Fletcher Higgins Statistics - Polls: What do the numbers tell us? Sampling the Electorate

Create a random sample and find out whom the voters will choose

Congratulations! You have just been hired as a pollster for Stephanie Higgins. It's your job to determine how she is faring with different demographic groups in the city. What you uncover could have an impact on what Higgins decides to discuss in the next debate and on how she will spend campaign dollars.

Before you begin your work, you will need to read Stephanie Higgins's political profile to find out where she stands on a variety of issues. You will then "hit the streets" to poll a random sample of a specific demographic group, asking this question:

"Who will you vote for in the mayoral election"?

Higgins knows the polls show that Webster Fletcher is in the lead. She wants to know what demographic groups are giving her the most support and which groups she needs to pay special attention to.

Are you ready to Go to Work?

1. Read Stephanie Higgins's political profile

2. View the demographic profile of the city

3. Choose the population you would like to poll (select as many categories as you like):



African Americans
Native Americans


Income below $20,000/year
Income $20,000-$49,000/year
Income above $50,000/year

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"Statistics" is inspired by programs from Against All Odds: Inside Statistics,
a video series in the
Annenberg Media Multimedia Collection.

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