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Webster Fletcher's Profile

Age: 54
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Personal: Divorced, no children
Occupation: Lawyer
Average Annual Income: $100,000
Political Experience: Served on the city council for 15 years before becoming mayor

Stand on Major Issues

Webster Fletcher is pro-choice and pro-gun control. Under his tenure, the size of the city government has increased by 5% with new jobs being created in a variety of city departments. During his first two terms as mayor, Webster Fletcher worked closely with the city's teachers to improve their working conditions while ensuring that their pay scale remained at its current level.

Fletcher has marched in several women's and gay rights parades. He frequently visits families in low-income housing units to talk to them about their lives and about how he can help them work with the city's social service agencies. In an attempt to keep business in the city, Fletcher has tried to lower the tax burden for businesses, but he has had to raise the taxes that residents pay.

Prior to the garbage strike, Fletcher tried to work with the parties involved to avert the strike, but did not succeed. He continued to meet with the garbage workers, their union, and city officials in order to end the strike as soon as possible.

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