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Stephanie Higgins's Profile

Age: 39
Party Affiliation: Republican
Personal: Married with two children
Occupation: Corporate Chief Financial Officer
Average Annual Income: $150,000
Political Experience: None

Stand on Major Issues

Stephanie Higgins is pro-choice and anti-gun control. She believes that the city's government work force should be decreased and would like to see more money given to education. Education is a pet issue with Higgins. She feels that the city's teachers need to be more accountable to their administration and would like to see testing at crucial junctures in a student's educational career.

Higgins has been an adamant supporter of women's and gay rights. She also feels that the city has too many people on welfare and would like to find ways to get welfare recipients off of the welfare rolls and into minimum wage jobs. Higgins would like to lower the tax burden of businesses doing business in the city while decreasing the taxes that all residents pay.

During the last garbage strike, Higgins was outspoken about the need to find ways to ensure that the workers were performing their duties in a timely fashion and was against raises for these city employees.

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