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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Put It Into Practice

Try these ideas in your classroom.
  • If you are new to performance assessment, begin by incorporating smaller, informal assessments into your lessons. For example, turn a classroom activity into an individual task, as Ms. Granville did with the Cajun folktale. Or, if you used a story map to guide students through a class reading, your assessment can include an opportunity for students to map a new story that they have read independently. This approach allows you to examine students' reading strategies as well as their language abilities. If you are focusing on a commonly taught topic such as weather, include in your lesson an interpretive/interpersonal communication task in which students research the weather in different locations, discuss their findings in a group, then decide where they will travel. The assessment can mirror the learning activity, perhaps with new locations, and can be used to gauge vocabulary acquisition, research skills, and exchange of ideas.
  • Use a compelling topic from your curriculum to build an assessment using the IPA model. Begin with a motivating and engaging video, musical recording, or written text as the prompt for an interpretive communication task. Next, create an interpersonal communication activity that allows students to incorporate content from the interpretive task that they found engaging. The final presentational task, which can be done in pairs or groups, allows students to develop a performance or product that demonstrates, both to themselves and to you, their ability in the language and their knowledge of the culture or content. If possible, try to spread the integrated assessments over several weeks, so that students can better absorb the feedback from one phase and use it productively later on. The ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners (see Resources) can help in the design of rubrics that communicate clear expectations to students.

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