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Japanese: Happy New Year!

Lesson Materials

Jigsaw Readings (PDF, 23 K)
Worksheets that students used to learn about Japanese New Year's food and cards for the jigsaw activity (Includes English translation)

Photo panel images used in the class are part of the Minna no Kyozai Web site maintained by The Japan Foundation.

Photo Panel Bank Series
Series IV, No. 002 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 004 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 005 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 006 (© by the Japan Foundation)
Series IV, No. 100 (© by the Japan Foundation)

Curriculum References

Leslie Birkland's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

The Japan Forum
Promotes language education and intercultural understanding among elementary and secondary school students. Note: Ms. Birkland uses the Deai resource, which shows the lives of seven Japanese high school students.

The Japan Foundation
An organization for international cultural exchange in Japan, including information on Japanese studies and Japanese language education (available in English and Japanese). Note: Ms. Birkland acquired the large photographs (Shashin Paneru Banku) for this lesson from this source.

Print Resources:

Japanese Writing Practice Through Pictures and Topics. Nihongo Kyoiku Kyozai Kenkyukai (Japanese Educational Materials Research). Compiled by Sumiko Tomioka and Saku Takaoka. Tokyo, Japan: Senmon Kyoiku Shuppan, 1992.

Shitsu, Sanno Tanki Daigaku Nihongo Kyoiku. Enjoyable Task Reading in Japanese: Intermediate. Tokyo, Japan: Bonjin-sha, 1992.

Super Kit 2 -- Volume 2: A New Selection of Materials -- Teaching Aids for Japanese Language Learning. Tokyo, Japan: ALC Press, Inc., 2000. www.alc.co.jp

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