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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Japanese: Daily Routines

Lesson Materials

Photo panel images used in the class are from "Deai: The Lives of Seven Japanese High School Students" maintained by The Japan Forum Photo Data Bank.

Curriculum References

California Department of Education Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks

Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program

Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program: Scope and Sequence (PDF, 14 K)

Margaret Dyer's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

An active global community of Third Culture Kid (TCK) adults and youth across geographical boundaries.

Journey to Japan: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Child
A project plan for writing a story about Japanese life, including worksheets and reference links

Library of Congress Federal Research Division: Country Studies
Comprehensive information on the history, culture, politics, economy, and geography of over 100 countries, including Japan

Print Resources:

Hirate, Susan H., and Noriko Kawaura. Nihongo Daisuki: Japanese for Children Through Games and Songs. Honolulu, HI: Bess Press, 1990.

Texts by Japanese publishers
  • Hiki series of storybooks (Publisher: Doshin sha)
  • Kumon no hajimete no uta no e hon (Publisher: Kumon Shuppan)

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