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Making Meaning in Literature Grades 6-8
Conversations in Literature — Workshop

About Making Meaning in Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 6-8

Individual Workshop Descriptions

1. Introducing our Literary Community
2. Encouraging Discussion
3. Going Further in Discussion
4. Diversity in Texts
5. Student Diversity
6. Literature, Art, and Other Disciplines
7. Assessment
8. Planning and Professional Development
9. Starting in September...

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Making Meaning in Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 6-8

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Linda Rief

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Gail Porter Long

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A Response-Based Approach to Reading Literature by Judith
Langer, from Language Arts, copyright 1994 by the National
Council of Teachers of English. Reprinted with permission.

Improving Literary Understanding Through Classroom
Conversation and Effective Literature Instruction Develops
Thinking Skill, by Judith A. Langer and Elizabeth Close,
are supplied here as PDFs with the permission of The
National Center on English Learning and Achievement,
University at Albany, State University of New York.

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